• Facing issues in Amazon Gift card redeem? Here’s how to fix

    With the unlimited supply of luxuries, necessities, and everything a human being needed, e-commerce platform amazon.com is everyone’s favorite destination now. This makes Amazon Gift Cards the best option to gift for all occasions. The easiest way to redeem an Amazon gift card is to visit amazon.com/redeem. Here you can enter the Amazon Gift card redeem code and the gift card value automatically added to Amazon Gift Balance. The process to redeem a physical and digital Amazon gift card is the same. Let us explore the easy method to redeem Amazon Gift card value.

    Steps to apply your Amazon Gift card balance to your account

    Follow the process and add the Amazon Gift card value to your gift card balance:

    • Go to amazon.com/redeem on a web browser and log in with your account credentials.
    • Locate the Amazon Gift card claim code. The physical cardholders can scratch-off the backside of their gift card. And the digital Gift cardholders can check their Email for the claim code.

    Note: The serial number and claim code are two spate things. The claim code is the combination of letters and numbers whereas the serial number is displayed on the bottom of the card that usually has 16 digits.

    • Now go back to your browser and input the claim code here.
    • Make sure you are entering the claim code as it is shown in the Gift card.
    • Now click on the “Apply to your balance” button available on the screen
    • After that, a success message will appear on the screen. Click on the OK button.
    • You will see on the same page your “Current Gift Card Balance” is displayed and your gift card value is added to the Gift card balance.
    • Now you can use the gift card value on your next purchase.